Break Your Comfort Zone | 5km (4 Weeks Plan)


  • Online training plan that can be viewed & accessed from desktop and smart phone anytime, anywhere via our SAC - Smart Coaching Online Training App.
  • FREE Flexibility & Mobility Workouts (with video) in Weekly Plan
  • Live Online Tutorial Class with Head Coach every Sunday.


  • Plan to achieve a new level of run training.



  • For runner who experience plateau in running results.​


  • Structured running plan with 4 run sessions per week
  • Flexibility & Mobility Workouts 2 sessions per week
  • Easy to follow run workouts.​​


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  • You will receive an email on setting up online training log from Head Coach.
  • Online Training Plan will be only start on Monday as a first day of the week.​

Break Your Comfort Zone | 5km (4 Weeks Plan)


Hi, I'm Coach Edan!

Runners are creatures of habit. We love doing the same things because we know we’re good at them. The same workouts, running routes, and routines provide comfort. But if we always do what we’re already good at, how do we get better? Sometimes the biggest improvements come when we go beyond our comfort zones and mix things up. Take a new challenge in your training to be a good runner with this Online Smart Training Plan! 

Edan Syah
SAC Head Coach

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